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Massage Gun Percussion Massager Muscle Relaxing Therapy Deep Tissue 8 Heads AU Silver


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The role of fascia gun You know what?
Exercise or poor posture can cause the fascia and muscles to break down, resulting in “delayed muscle soreness,” which leads to stiff and painful muscles.Fascia gun can reduce adhesion and nodule between muscle and fascia by high-frequency vibration stimulation, and prevent sports injury.

Import A smart chip
8 professional massage heads
Strong silent motor
The long-term life
ABS shell
Sports fashion
32 levels
The noise reduction design
Precision deep Massage for pain relief
Blood circulation to reduce pain and effectively drive away fatigue
Relieve fascia Prevent muscle soreness
The optional bottom cover can be used to massage and relax, drive away fatigue, wake up muscle vitality and “recharge” the body.
Deeper massage Instantly release fatigue
Quickly reduces muscle stiffness and soreness, increases blood circulation and range of motion
Relieve muscle soreness Improve stiffness after exercise
Stimulate muscle vitality, relax muscles after exercise to relieve fatigue
Strong motor with large torque Shock penetrates deep muscle groups
The use of high-power motor, bring strong pengbai power, at the same time give you straight to the deep body comfortable experience.
6-10mm massage stroke Endows the flesh with deep comfort
Reaching deep muscle group of 6mm, the deep motion of pound phosphorus constantly impacts the body, making the exciting pleasure sweep eve muscle cell.
Al intelligent control chip Intelligent computing
The built-in press feedback system can automatically adjust the motor speed and output power according to the pressure of massage, so that every hit can reach the pain and protect every muscle group
Eight massage heads Take care of every muscle group
Relieve fatigue, relieve aches and pains, and make your fitness more effective
Spike tooth massage head
It is suitable for the relaxation of various muscle parts and the deep stimulation of shaping legs and buttocks
Gold finger
Suitable for internal deep tissue acupoint massage finger type simulation massage head
Air cushion head
Impact deep tissue such as meridians, joints, palms and plantar muscle groups apply to the whole body
Ball massage head
Suitable for pectoralis major latissimus dorsi and other large muscle groups
Contact shovel head
Suitable for abdomen, waist, shoulder and other muscle groups polygon contact to strengthen stimulation acupoints
U-shaped massage head
It is suitable for massaging neck and gingival tendon of cervical spine
Tapered massage head
It is suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridians, palms, plantar, etc
Half moon nod
Apply to abdomen, strength and leg muscles to remove fat and massage
Tips: The above parameters are manual measurement, there are some errors, please forgive me!

Triangle fascia gun
Gear:32 levels
Rated voltage:7.4v
Color:Red Blue Golden Silver
Gear speed:1800-3200
Endurance time:1.5 h
Rated input:5V/2A
Battery capacity:1800mAh
Size:Pictured above

1 x Host
1 x Type-c charging cable
1 x Manual
1 x Spherical head
1 x U-shaped head
1 x Conical head
1 x Spike head
1 x Half moon touch head
1 x Gold finger
1 x Air cushion head
1 x Contact shovel head

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