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Instahut Bird Netting Net Anti Pest Commercial Fruit Trees Plant 10x50m 30GSM Black


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There are bird nettings and there is our formidable Instahut Bird Netting. Fact is, most bird nettings features a 20mm or 30mm mesh size which is small enough to keep most animal pests out but not bugs and smaller birds. That is why our bird netting mesh hole size is only 5mm x 5mm to prevent even the smallest birds from infiltrating your precious harvest. Plus, our highly visible netting is made of heavy-duty knitted and UV-stabilised nylon with a density of 30g/m2 for durability and long-lasting use. Not least, they can also be easily cut to size and will not fray easily.

Heavy-duty knitted construction
UV stabilized and durable
5mm x 5mm hole size
Can be cut to size
Will not fray
Suitable for commercial and domestic use
Better visibility to pests

Mesh size: 5mm x 5mm
Bird net size: 10m x 50m
Net weight: 30g/m2
Colour: Black
Assembly required: No
Please note: The item comes in a single package

Package Content
1 x Bird Netting

Additional information

Weight 36.38 lbs
Dimensions 34.65 × 19.69 × 11.81 in







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