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Bird Cage Wooden Aviary XL

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Our beautiful and spacious i.Pet Bird Cage is definitely the most comfortable roost for your fine-feathered friends. Made of sturdy high-quality fir wood frame with mesh wire, you can be assured of its durability. There are two large doors for easy entry and exit to the cage, and three perches and one ladder for your birds to rest and play on. The cage is weather-resistant and the green asphalt roof protects it from rain and sun damage, so you can move the cage indoors, outdoors or wherever you like. The bird cage is also fitted with a slide-out bottom tray for easy cleaning. Equipped with all the favourite entertainments that a bird would need, your little one will surely love it.

Spacious bird cage
Green asphalt roof
High quality fir wood construction with mesh wire
Two doors
Three perches and one ladder
Slide-out bottom tray
Perfect for outdoors and indoors

Material: Fir wood and steel mesh wire, asphalt roof
Overall Dimensions: 72 x 60 x 168cm
Please refer to gallery for further dimensions

Package Content
1 x Pet hutch
1 x Assembly kit
1 x Assembly guide

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Weight 45.19 lbs
Dimensions 40.16 × 24.41 × 9.25 in







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