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Gardeon 20m Gutter Guard Aluminium Leaf Mesh 100x20cm Twigs Filter


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Tired of clearing blocked gutters? No more blocked gutters when you use the Gardeon aluminium mesh gutter guard. It prevents leaves, branches, and other debris from entering your gutter and keeps pests and birds from getting under your roof. It comes with 1mm thickness, which makes it durable and longlasting. And being crafted from high-quality aluminium, the gutter guard ensures enhanced durability. Its thickness doesn t affect its flexibility. You can easily cut the aluminium mesh to desired length and size to suit different requirements. Furthermore, the diamond-shape holes are of ideal size. It prevents the debris from entering the gutter while allowing the water to flow freely. The Gardeon aluminium mesh gutter guard is suitable for various purposes and all types of guttering, including tiled and corrugated roofs. Don t want to do the hard work later? Install Gardeon aluminium mesh gutter guard today.


1mm thickness

Micro-hole structure

Mesh design

Dense yet flexible

Cut to desired size and length

Easy to cut

Quality made for longlasting use

High-quality aluminium construction

Enhanced durability

Versatile use

Blocks debris

Easy to install


Material: Aluminium

Size: 100cm x 20cm

Diamond hole: 3.5mm x 1.4mm

Thickness: 1mm

Colour: Silver

Assembly required: Yes

Please note: This item comes in one package.

Package Content

20 x 100cm X 20cm Aluminium mesh gutter guard

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